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  • ‘Beasts of battle’ via Wikipedia

    Via wikipedia: Beasts of battle: The Beasts of battle is a poetic trope in Old English and Old Norse literature. It consists of the wolf, the raven, and the eagle, traditional animals accompanying the warriors to feast on the bodies of the slain. It occurs in eight Old English poems and in the Old Norse […]

  • Periodic Table of Storytelling

    Periodic Table of Storytelling Very cool chart of story tropes that you can use to build a story. And here is a downloadable poster version.

  • The Lost Finale

    Kottke does a nice round-up of sites’s comments on the Lost finale. Many of them express what I’ve heard as a common theme among fans – it’s okay that all of the questions weren’t answered, because most of them were. The major storylines were wrapped up. io9, on the other hand, came up a with […]