My Early Fan Fiction

A short list of shows and books I have written femslash fan fiction about – often in my head, but sometimes written down. Early on I actually wrote it down and posted on usenet forums, and I discovered recently that some of it is still out there. I’m not linking to it, because it’s pretty terrible, and since it was anonymously published, I don’t have to claim it.

Star Trek: TNG – Deanna Troi and Dr. Beverly Crusher

Anne of Green Gables – Anne and Dianna

Kate & Allie – one or two Kate and Allie, but more Jennie and Emma

The Facts of Life – Jo & Blair, obvs.

Princess Diana (RPF, OMG!)
I shouldn’t even bring this up now, but in the interest of being complete, yes, I wrote romantic fiction pairing princess Diana with other famous women. I feel bad about it now, given that celebrities tend to feel icky about RPF written about them.

Reva Shayne & Maureen Garrett from The Guiding Light
Who knows what I was thinking of here; Reva and Maureen barely interacted with each other. I wished they did, though.

The character of Buddy, from Family
I barely remember any of the episodes, but boy did Buddy have some girlfriends in my writing. I believe she had a crush on some girl Willie was dating? God, I can’t remember that far back.

Little House on the Prairie
(I know; blasphemy! In my head, Nellie Olson got a lot nicer and Laura liked blondes.)

Colette’s Claudine series
I thought Claudine should have ended up with Annie and not the asshole husband.

Star Trek: DS9
Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys, please. I wasn’t placated by Lenara Kahn.

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman
No clue who I was shipping Dr. Quinn with. Probably some guest star.

Ready or Not – Amanda and Busy
Most of this was pretty tame and just involved them realizing they loved each other.

Touched by an Angel (definitely going to hell for that).
I only wrote a couple of stories, so I don’t remember what this one was about.

Xena: Warrior Princess
Obviously, Xena and Gabrielle, but I had a long story I need to dig out where I shipped Artemis and Aphrodite, too.

The X-Files
I didn’t hate Mulder, but he was too much of a kook for Scully, so I gave her girlfriends.

Funniest Fan Fiction Ever: The Daily Show with John Stewart Slash FanFic

Okay, after laughing out loud about this site in my cube at work, I was then required to explain the concept of Slash Fan Fiction to one of my co-workers, a guy who’s worked in the technology field for 9+ years. Who the heck hasn’t heard of slash fiction? I know most people don’t READ it (most of it’s unreadable anyway!) but most web-saavy people at least know what it is.

Regardless, the site itself is the funniest idea for slash fiction I’ve ever seen. I ran across it because the political site Wonkette blogged about it.