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  • It’s a Plot

    Larry Brooks at Storyfix has a good explanation of plot, and why stories need one [Novelists: Two Empowering Little Mind-Models That Just Might Change Everything For You] Plot is the creation of character and dramatic dynamics that lead to, point toward, that call for, that require… resolution. A story in any genre (other than literary) […]

  • Gen Con Writer’s Symposium 2013, Thursday and Friday in Review

    Thursday WKS1345344 (Fiction Fundamentals Part 1: Plotting and Planning on Thu at 08:00 AM – 3 hours) Lawrence Connolly, William Horner III “In-depth workshop: learn how to avoid extra work by planning your story and all of its elements from the beginning.” This was easily the most useful of the day’s programs to me, although […]

  • 25 Ways To Plot, Plan and Prep Your Story

    25 Ways To Plot, Plan and Prep Your Story. I’m struggling with my novel quite a bit right now, trying to untangle the plot and see if I can figure out what I’m trying to convey. I had a really frustrating time last weekend trying to work it out. The “fly by the seat of […]