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  • Pixar story rules

    The Pixar Touch – history of Pixar – Blog – Pixar story rules (one version). These are some fantastic story writing rules from Pixar Writer Emma Coats, as collected from her twitter feed. Pixar story artist Emma Coats has tweeted a series of “story basics” over the past month and a half — guidelines that she […]

  • Brainstorming and Groupthink

    From the New Yorker – Groupthink: The brainstorming myth, by Jonah Lehrer In the late nineteen-forties, Alex Osborn, a partner in the advertising agency B.B.D.O., decided to write a book in which he shared his creative secrets…. His book “Your Creative Power” was published in 1948. An amalgam of pop science and business anecdote, it […]

  • Die Vampire Die

    Killing off the creative vampires who make you feel shitty about your work.

  • Finding time – Anne Lamott on Writing

    Anne Lamott on Writing – Time lost and found "I sometimes teach classes on writing, during which I tell my students every single thing I know about the craft and habit. This takes approximately 45 minutes. I begin with my core belief—and the foundation of almost all wisdom traditions—that there is nothing you can buy, […]

  • John Cleese on creativity

    John Cleese discussing writing, creativity, and getting in the zone for creative work. One of his main points is the importance of not being interrupted while writing – once you are distracted from your task, it’s very difficult to get back on the moving train of thought. So closing yourself off to disruptions is a […]

  • Ennui

    I’ve been rather blue lately. I’m feeling creatively frustrated. I have some idea in my head that I can’t quite get out – like that time when you had that really fantastic dream, and just as you woke up, you thought “I gotta remember this!” at the same time all the details start sliding away […]

  • The Power of Day Dreaming

    The most common criticism I received when I was a kid was that I daydreamed too much, especially in class. Even though my classwork was high quality, staring off into space would set my teachers off all the time, and it was one of the things I was always very upset about, because it never […]

  • Slacking off can help you get things done

    CNN Article on the value of “slacking off at work.” What they’re actually saying is that you need to take the time to think things through. Remember the story of Archimedes lolling in his bathtub? To an observer, he’d have seemed to be wasting time. While ostensibly doing nothing, however, he discovered the principle of […]

  • How to be creative

    An interesting article at Gaping Void on How to Be Creative. “So you want to be more creative, in art, in business, whatever. Here are some tips that have worked for me over the years.” PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION, OF SORTS. Before we get started, three points: 1. “Creative” is one of those annoying words […]