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  • Periodic Table of Storytelling

    Periodic Table of Storytelling Very cool chart of story tropes that you can use to build a story. And here is a downloadable poster version.

  • In search of the next Lost

    Entertainment Weekly has an interesting article in their current issue about all of the shows written to be the next big Lost and how none of them seem to be taking off in the way the networks are hoping. I am watching FlashFoward, and it’s interesting, but most of the shows are missing a key […]

  • Fascinating Interview with David Simon

    David Simon is the producer of HBO’s “The Wire” – a highly acclaimed series that I have on my Netflix queue since I’ve heard so many rave reviews calling it “The Best Show on TV Ever.” Here is part of an interview he gave with Nick Hornby for The Believer: We got the gig because […]